A Note from Board Chair,
William T. Yanavitch II

Dear Residents of York County,
As the convener of our cultural community, the Cultural Alliance has spent 2020 doing what we have always done; providing resources and training to allow our arts groups to take risks and grow. Never has our work been more critical. Whether it is building an outdoor performance stage for socially distanced arts events, or using dance breaks to keep our students active and engaged during online learning, our partners and teaching artists have been able to take on the opportunities presented by Covid-19 with confidence because of the generous support of our contributors. As you will see in the following pages, our creative community is pivoting to meet the needs of our community to offer healing, relief, and learning in a time of great uncertainty.

YYSO Practice

This year, as our arts and cultural community shut down, the Cultural Alliance became a lifeline and took immediate action to deploy $140,000 in resources raised for community arts organizations and artists in the first months of the pandemic. We collaborated with our Commissioners and community partners to secure $830,000 of York County CARES Act funding for York’s cultural institutions as they work to rebuild and reimagine their role in the community.  As you will read in our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work in this report, the Cultural Alliance is strengthening arts and culture through transformational change to raise and distribute funds in a way that is inclusive and equitable for the community we serve.

We thank every donor who has believed in the Cultural Alliance to cultivate the growth  of York County’s cultural institutions and artists. Through your generosity, we are investing in the future of York’s cultural soul.  It’s more important now than ever for us to be a lifeline for the artists and arts organizations who have proven their resiliency and enriched the lives of York Countians for generations. This pandemic will end. Through your support, the Cultural Alliance will ensure our creative culture in York will continue.

Strong organizations are grounded in their mission, vision, and values — and we are no exception.

At the Cultural Alliance of York County, strengthening our community means creating transformational change in the way we raise and distribute funds in York County in a way that is just and racially equitable. To learn more about our action plan visit below:

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