Artist Innovator Awards

Instructions and Tips for Creating an Artist Profile on York365

Each year the York County Cultural Alliance will present 2 Artist Innovator Awards based on samples of work uploaded to the artists profile on These prizes will be awarded to artists who demonstrate excellence in their field. Portfolios are reviewed by an anonymous jury from outside York County in three areas: technical proficiency, artistic expression, and innovation.
As you create and update your portfolio, it is recommended that you keep these 3 areas in mind.

The deadline to create your profile in order to be considered for the award is June 30th, 2020, at 5:00pm.

Artists with existing profiles must log in to their York365 account and opt-in by selecting “YES” when asked about being considered for the Artist Innovator Award, as well as choose “primary artist type” which is the category you would like your work to be juried in. This is a new feature of the profile, added March 3, 2020. Profiles created before this date MUST log in and select yes to be considered.

Creating an Artist Profile on

NOTE: Once your York365 profile is created, please allow up to 2 business days for it to be approved and become visible on the York365 Artist Directory.

Downloadable PDF Directions:

Work Sample Guidelines for the Artist Innovator Prize: 

  • Artists working in all disciplines are required to submit at least one and up to five work samples. Work samples of varying length (depending on medium) may be submitted but must not exceed a limit of ten minutes or 15 pages in total.
  • For Film/Video, Music, Literary, and Performing arts disciplines, work samples should be excerpts from your full-length projects that the jurors may visit if they wish to explore your nomination further. [For example; (5) two minute samples, or (1) ten minute sample OR (3) five page samples, or (1) 15 page sample, etc.  If your Work Sample exceeds the limit, we guarantee that judges will review the first 10 minutes or 15 pages of your work included in this section.
  • WRITING samples can be uploaded at the bottom of the “PROFILE” page as PDF’s

Choose and upload a “Primary Image” to be associated with your profile, as well as 5 additional images in your “Gallery”.  Your “primary image” can be an additional work sample, as opposed to a headshot or artist photo if you prefer. Make sure to check the “copyright acknowledgement” before uploading any photos.

Writing samples can be uploaded at PDF’s at the bottom of the “PROFILE” section along with your resume.

Video and audio samples should be uploaded as URL’s from third party sites.  You maybe upload links to full length videos, however the jurors are only guaranteed to view 10 minutes total. 

ex: If you upload one video/audio sample, they will watch/listen to 10 minutes of that sample.  If you upload 5 video/audio samples they will watch/listen to 2 minutes of each, so keep this in mind as you create your portfolio.

How to create a new artist profile on to be considered for the Artist Innovator Award.

  1. Go to, select “CREATE AN ACCOUNT” in the upper right hand corner.
    Fill out the form information to create a new account and click “SIGN UP” to submit your information.

2. Once your York365 account is created (this is separate from your “artist profile”), and you are logged in, click the “artist” button on the left hand menu, and then “ADD NEW” (Or MANAGE ARTIST” if you have previously created a profile and are updating it)

3. Begin by filling out your profile.  Be as thorough as possible, including your most recent biography and artist statement.  There is a place at the bottom of the page to upload a resume, or PDF work samples, if this pertains to your art form.

4. Make sure to select “YES” when asked to opt-in to being considered for the Artist Innovator Award, and choose your “primary artist type” which is the category you would like your work to be juried in.

5. Select the category from the drop-down menu in which you would like to be juried.  On your public profile, you may choose as many “TYPES”, “STYLES” and “MEDIUMS” as you would like, but in consideration for the Artist Innovator Award, you must choose which of the 6 categories you would like to be juried in based on your body of work.

6. Once you have filled out your profile and clicked “UPDATE PROFILE” at the bottom, you can continue on to upload your work samples/link to work samples hosted on 3rd party sites.  Follow the directions provided on the “PHOTO”, “VIDEO” and “AUDIO” pages to add your work samples to your profile.  WRITING samples can be uploaded at the bottom of the “PROFILE” page.