Artist Professional Development Grant Awardees

First Quarter Grantees

Quill & Paper Designs
Adrienne Boyd

For the purchase of new equipment and bulk supplies for her businessness in order to bring down overall cost, as well as necessary display items for craft fairs and outdoor events.

“Discussing my overall business allowed me to really delve deeper into my business goals and expectations for building my business…Talking it over really helped me to gauge which aspects I should be focusing on the most and even the possibility of discontinuing some products to focus on others.”
-Adrienne Boyd

Laura Romberger

To build a new, professional and secure website to sell her products, with an end-goal of building a sustainable and supporting income source for her family.

“In the time that I have had with my navigator I have been able to identify clear goals, start writing out a traditional business plan to back up my current sales plan and have reviewed my current website to identify weaknesses and strengths.”
-Laura Romberger

Godahavom Gourds
Reagan Bitler

To develop my class offerings, purchase additional tools and equipment for student use, as well as continue to develop classroom and gallery space.

“Sometimes goals and dreams can be very hefty and realistically out of reach. The process of working with the Navigator helped me to realize my ambitions are attainable and are already becoming recognizable in the community regardless of the outcome of this grant opportunity.”
-Reagan Bitler

The Journey is the Life Photography
Carla Long

Purchase of I-Pads to be used in classroom photography lessons both in and beyond York County

Andy was a cheerleader in my corner. He was encouraging me to pursue the next step. He helped to research the cost of the technology
-Carla Long

Coco Shantelle

To establish the LLC for her music/entertainment business, studio recording time, and the creation of an official media kit and website to direct traffic for booking.

“I’ve been singing since I was a child, and I began performing while in middle school chorus. Since then I’ve discovered a greater love and appreciation for music and other creatives. Most recently I’ve been hosting and performing at a variety of events/venues in York County in collaboration with the Parliaments Arts Organization, YOCO, York Revolution, the Cantina, etc.”
-Coco Shantelle

Danza Antiqua
Jef Savage

For costuming and production costs of their original educational dance program, “Maggots, Minuets and Merry Conceits”; designed to entertain, educate, and bring 18th century dance & society to life while supporting their ongoing work as teaching artists in PA.

A selection of performances by Danza Antiqua:
German Quadrille Folk Dance from 1918 A Salute to Veterans : A Celebration of the end of WWI

A Mid Victorian Waltz from Pennsylvania Humanities on the Road, broadcast on PCN TV.

An Argentinian tango from the production Tangomania which was delivered for Chambersburg Council For the Arts

Kid Carol
Carolyn Haskell

To study for a month in New York City at the Art Students League of NY.

“Susan was really helpful in showing me what I do and don’t need in the present moment in order to grow as an artist and business woman.”
-Carol Haskell

Kristan T. Winand Design
Kristan Winand

For sales website rebuild as well as 2 vital pieces of equipment for jewelry-making.

My navigator, Jennifer Horning (SBDC), and I have been working on my business plan. She is helping me to see new possibilities for increased revenue as well as introducing me to literature and other resources to help me manage my business successfully. Her guidance and validation strengthens my drive to succeed.
-Kristan Winand

Only1Joey Art
Joanna Tice

For the purchase of a new computer to focus on and support her growth in online sales, as well as open future doors to continuing arts education.

“In general meeting Andy Smith was wonderful. He asked some very thought proving questions and provide a lot of great advice. I look forward to having him as a valuable connection in the now and in the future.”
-Joanna Tice

Curb Media Group
Cisco Soto

For equipment necessary to create documentary-style content as a companion to the his already released, “Codorus Murder” podcast based on the history of high-profile, unsolved murder cases in York City.

“Born and raised in York City, I have always been fascinated with its history and characters. Starting in 2013 I begin my research on the riots of 1969 and came across the unsolved murder and disappearance of Anna Johnson, who is the grandmother of one of York’s most famous residents Loretta Claiborne. The research led to the creation of the “Codorus Murders Podcast” that’s a series of audio and visual interviews focusing on the history of York and people closely connected to the case mentioned above.”
-Cisco Soto

Reptile Smiles
Nicole Osborne

To advertise, organize, purchase supplies, and technology to help expand business through social media, and in person events.

“I feel that I have made an incredible connection with her as well as the Cultural Alliance, opening so many doors within the York community to begin extensive outreach and opportunities.”
-Nicole Osborne

Desks and Dorks
Riley Parks

For production and marketing of a brand new role-playing game, “After the Rain”

Working with Jennifer Horning has given us a chance to shape Desks and Dorks toward future success, and she’s shown us how to overcome hurdles and create achievable goals with a wider vision. She’s been a vital part to the creation and success of Desks and Dorks so far
-Riley Parks

Fourth Quarter Grantees

Click here for a press release about our Q4 2021 Grantees

“Alice” by Judy Grupp

Judy Grupp
For the creation of a portable home studio as a covid-friendly adaptation to her practice and create a body of work and art show to boost the visibility of colored-pencil artists. Judy is a mixed media artist in the truest sense with a painting style that is a blend of realism and abstract, with an illustrative quality. Find more about Judy, her process and her illustrations at:

“Heartbreak” by Annelise Vuono

Annelise Vuono 
To purchase high quality, art-related merchandise and booth rental space in shops to bolster income from her art while transitioning to running her creative small business full-time. Annelise has been working for years in various visual art fields including murals and window painting.

Third Quarter Grantees

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Jean in her studio in Hanover, PA

Jean Gralley
Jean’s grant will be used to complete the “dummy” copy of her first graphic novel, “THE GOTHS OF YORK” which will then be used to seek potential publishers. Jean is a writer/illustrator of five picture books, five STEM comic books, and, as Cricket Staff Artist, innumerable stories and cartoons for Cricket Magazine.

Steph Holmes painting, “Wings in a Rainstorm”

Steph Holmes
For equipment necessary to launch her online store as well as hire a creative business consultant. Steph recently moved into her ‘whimsical art and eco-friendly studio’ in Downtown York, PA as well as started a new monthly blog on her website: www.stephholmes.com

Kayode Malomo’s painting of 2021 Inaugural Poet, Amanda Gorman.

Kayode Malomo
Funds will be used to produce and promote Kayode’s first solo show since moving to York, PA entitled “An Exciting Journey to York”. Kayode is the chairman of Malomsyart Africa, as well as the CEO of People Productivity Solutions.
Learn more about Kayode at his website: www.malomsyart.com

Setup of Debbie Mancuso’s work for sale during a holiday event in 2020

Debbie Mancuso
This grant will purchase a replica of Patrick Green’s Triple Swing Wool Picker which will drastically decrease the processing time of wool fibers which the artist uses as both a source of income, and for her artwork.
Debbie is a fiber artist with over 25 years of experience, as well as the founder and manager of the “Teaching Muesum for the Fiber Arts and Textiles” near Felton, PA

Second Quarter Grantees

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Grant Recipient Kym Stine with her art at the Brain Injury Association Conference in 2018.

Kym Stine – To hire an executive assistant to develop personalized systems and processes to further her art career following a traumatic brain injury.


Raine Valentine – To digitize and create NFT’s for her artwork, as well as developing a curriculum to teach others how to engage this new art market.


First Quarter Grantees

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“Diversity the Strength of Forests” by Christine Mercer-Vernon

Christine-Mercer Vernon
For the purchase of atelier level figure and portrait painting classes Find Christines work on her website at:

Christina Myers
For one-on-one coaching with award-winning playwright Jessica Blank to develop the screenwriting of her limited TV series, “Spinners”.
Learn more about Christine and her theater work at https://cobblestoneplayers.com/

Andi Simpson’s Mural in Royal Square Neighborhood in York City.

Andi Simpson
For art making and promotional materials for an upcoming solo show at MarketView Arts. See more of Andi’s work at

Second Quarter Grantees

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James Manjo

James Manjo
For the purchase of a trombone for artistic growth and expansion of musical practice. Learn more about his work at his Instagram account at https://www.instagram.com/james_manjo/

Butera the Florist

Vincenzo Butera
To attend the six-day Floral Trends Global Summit in Vancouver, Canada in early March. Learn more about his floral work at  www.buteratheflorist.com

“In Your Afterglow”

Patricia McGee
For post-production software upgrades and promotion of her latest film; “In Your Afterglow.”  See a trailer of this feature at https://vimeo.com/ondemand/229416

Cast of “Peeled”

Freddie Graves
For the purchase of hard drives to begin post production of “Peeled” documentary film. Learn more about Freddie and his work at www.freddiegraves.com

First Quarter Grantees

For the full press release about these grantees, click here

“Dietz Family Cemetary”

Patricia Tomes
For the purchase of a new iPad for portfolio management and sales, and in-depth online art classes with artist Mary Bentz Gilkerson.

“Hydrangea”, Terri Yacovelli

Terri Yacovelli
To attend a workshop with master encaustic painter Lisa Pressman, and gain the necessarily skill to work in large-format encaustics.

“Synchronicity”, Leah Limpert Walt

Leah Limpert Walt
For the creation of a brand new body of work to be displayed in a solo show at Marketview Arts in June 2020.