The Cultural Alliance Artist Professional Development Grant is focused on 3 main things; potential for your career to move forward, your capacity to follow through, and timeliness. Below are further explanations of those 3 points to help you integrate them into your application.

1) Your proposal has the potential to move your artistic practice/career forward. i.e. how will the fulfillment of this idea create new opportunities for your artistic career? A strong application will lay out your long-term future plans and show how this grant will help as a jumping off point to get there.,

2) You have the capacity to follow through on your proposal. We know artists are capable of things beyond imagination, your application should show us that you have thought through your idea fully and that your goals are truly within reach. Use the application to provide evidence that backs you up; have you already made connections with people who will help you follow through? Who are they? Do you have other related experience to this idea which demonstrates that you are capable?

3) Your proposal is timely, meaning you are in a prime position to benefit from the opportunity. You’ve done the work to get this far, tell us about it. Be specific with your timeline if it is applicable to your application, OR be sure to include why now is the time for you to take advantage of this opportunity/idea.

Remember, this application is about YOU. We want to invest in YOU as an artist so that you can make the work that you want to make. While we love community oriented projects and programs, this grant is not specifically made for that. Can your application include a project that benefits the community? Of course. BUT your application should talk about how that project then helps build a platform for your own career.

Preview the grant application before you apply by clicking below.

General Tips

Be thorough – Remember that our panelists reviewing grants won’t know anything about you or your idea except what you tell them. Take advantage of the space provided in the application to give a full picture of what you are asking for.

Be specific – The more specific the better. In your goals and outcomes, your timeline and your budget in particular. This shows that you have researched and thought through your idea fully and completely, which in turn makes it clear that you are capable of fulfilling on it.

Research and breakdown your budget items – A specific and broken down budget gives our panel of reviewers a clearer picture of where the funding is going. It also shows that you have spent time thinking about how to best utilize these funds.

Have someone else read your application before you submit it. Can they easily understand what you are asking for? Is it clear from your application how this might have an impact on your career?

Ask for help if you need it – We are committed to helping artists get the resources they need. If you have any questions at all or want help talking through an idea, we are available for that. Assistance for disabilities is also available. We are constantly seeking to improve our grant process, so all feedback/questions/conversations are welcome!

Rita Whitney – Rita@culturalyork.org, 717-812-9255, Ext 3
Kelley Gibson – Kelley@culturalyork.org, 717-812-9255, Ext 1