Beginning in 2020, the Cultural Alliance will no longer be offering the Creative Impact Awards. Instead, 2 new artist opportunities will be launched under our Artist Tier of funding.

Detailed information and application for Artist Professional Development Grants and Innovative Arts Awards will be available November 1, 2019.

Artist Professional Development Grants

Artist Opportunity Grants serve to provide support for artists looking to elevate their art practice and career.  They will be awarded quarterly to individual artists based on: the uniqueness of proposed activity from other experiences the artist has had, evidence the proposed activity will move the artists career forward, and is timely, meaning the artists is in a prime position to benefit from the opportunity.  Artists can apply for up to $2,500 from these quarterly grants, and are eligible to receive funding once per year.

Innovative Arts Awards

The Innovative Artist Awards will recognize the high quality and value of working artists in York County.  Two artists per year, beginning in August 2020, and working in any medium will be awarded with a $10,000 prize, solely based on their outstanding quality of work, as portrayed on their York365 profile.

Arts in Education

The Arts in Education program, in partnership with the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, promotes learning in and through the arts in throughout Adams, Franklin, Fulton and York counties. Schools, community organizations and senior centers are invited to collaborate with highly trained teaching artists to custom-design learning experiences for their site.