What a difference a year makes.

Our cultural community experienced a roller-coaster year of great challenges, silver linings, and successes in 2021. Thanks to our collective efforts, we secured $1.5 million in private and public funding for the arts and cultural community in York to stabilize them, and our community rallied to support our campaign with $100,000 in new donations to replace the $96,000 in lost dollars to ensure level funding for our community into 2021. Thank you for being one of those believers.

Through increased vaccination rates and decreased COVID-19 cases, our cultural community is coming back to life. Though COVID-19 variants and changes to mitigation efforts can upend careful planning, our community needs the healing, economic impact, and connection that arts and culture provide.

In January 2022 we will launch a six-month county-wide marketing campaign entitled “Raise the Curtain” which will encourage citizens to return to the cultural experiences they love safely, providing a much-needed restart to our local economies.

Our cultural partners are up for the challenge, but they need our help.

Operational funding from the Cultural Alliance 2022 campaign will provide the financial runway our cultural community needs to accelerate re-hiring unemployed creative workers and re-open their doors safely. They need our financial support and advocacy.

If York fails to invest in its cultural institutions and artists, we risk losing York’s cultural soul. Your investment will ensure that our arts and cultural community can plan for the future & fully re-open the events, festivals, and meaningful moments that enrich our lives and make York an attractive place to live, work and enjoy life.

How You Can Support the Annual Campaign:

If you have not personally given to the Cultural Alliance 2022 annual campaign, please consider pledging your support.  Now, more than ever, A gift of any amount will demonstrate your support for the arts  and their value to York.

If you have given to the campaign in the past, consider an increase for your 2022 gift. Every investment of new dollars has twice the ripple effect in our community, thanks to our match investment program.

Contribute online or download our online pledge form today.