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Preparing for the new Creative Sector Flex Fund Grant

The Creative Sector Flex Fund, launched in 2023 by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, provides grants of $5,000 flat to eligible applicants that provide consistent annual levels of artistic programming and/or arts services in Pennsylvania. Eligible uses of funds are flexible, including...

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Our Work

Current Projects

Beyond our core competencies, we partner with many state and local organizations, and county-wide initiatives to focus on bringing broadening our impact. Our current projects different from our core competencies as they are often projects that last for 1-2 year timeframes.

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2023 Campaign

Shining a Light on York’s Culture

The Cultural Alliance 2023 Annual Campaign is focused on shining light on our cultural community. The campaign funds we raise every year make our organization thrive and allow us to create greater impact amongst creatives and organizations. Please consider donating today!

Who We Are

Founded in 1999, the Cultural Alliance of York County is South Central Pennsylvania’s only United Arts Fund. Over the years, we’ve invested more than $12 million in essential arts groups that bring arts and culture to life for thousands of residents of York County. 

What We Do

Since it was established in 2000, the Cultural Alliance of York County has raised funds and in-kind services in support of partner agencies and other organizations and artists through the Creative Impact Awards.


Who We Fund

The CAYC’s partner agencies & artists shine light on the arts, history and culture for thousands of adults and children throughout the region. Educational outreach, performances, gallery openings, classes & camps are just some of the activities of our member agencies.

Featured News